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Toothpaste Tablet Refill ~ Huppy

Toothpaste Tablet Refill ~ Huppy

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Listen we know toothpaste tablets are a gamble, we have been through A LOT of brands (6 to be exact) and we hated all of them. UNTIL Huppy <3 they foam like a dream, they don't taste like baking soda, and best of all they are made of all natural goodies. They make switching from tube to tablet a seamless dream. 

Our Huppy refill is sold by the ounce, if you have a Huppy tablet container already, 2 ounces will fill your container (aprox. 100 tablets) 

Every Huppy toothtab is packed with xylitol, sodium bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate, three naturally occurring ingredients that keep plaque far out of the picture. They've given toothpaste a planet-friendly glow-up, swapping fluoride for nano-hydroxyapatite and SLS (found in detergents) for coconut-derived foam. Their feel-good formula scrubs away leftover pigment and food for naturally white, healthy smiles that shine oh so bright.


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