Natural Dye Workshop

Natural Dye Workshop

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June 16th at 4pm, June 17th at 4pm, and June 18th at 10am. 

Explore the vast world of natural dyes in this three day workshop. We will be using food waste and flora and teach you how create a library of colors you can replicate at home. By the end you will have 20+ hues of color you can create. 

This class will focus on cellulose fibers only and will be organized as such 


DAY ONE ~ prep fabrics, learn about scouring and pre-dying baths, organize our journals and create our labels for the class. 

DAY TWO ~ Cut out test strips, tag our fabrics, prepare our dye vats and dye our pieces. Learn resist dye patterns. After baths. 

DAY THREE ~ exhaust baths, placing our fabrics. Discuss hues and care post dying.

day one and two will take 3 hours with a 20 minute break to stretch your legs and grab a snack.  Day three will conclude in about an hour. 

all materials will be provided for you.