Pottery Punch Card

Pottery Punch Card

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This punch card is meant for those looking for a space to practice and hone the craft of pottery at your own pace on your own time, whilst having access to help from us. Available in different bundles, each time you come for studio time your card will be punched. You have 6 months to use all your punches. 

This punch card comes with access to our pottery studio to throw or build any day of the week during studio hours, use of all our class tools/personal glazes, and a shelf of your own to keep all your wares or any other personal tools you may want to bring in. We will be available to you for any help our guidance you may need. You will be responsible for the cleaning of your wheel and space after each session. 

- Clay is available for purchase for $30/25 lbs, you are welcome to bring your own clay as long as it is mid range fire between cone 5 & 6.

--Studio hours include Monday through Saturday 8-4, Sunday 9-2.

*off-studio hours can be approved if scheduled with us ahead of time.

- You may schedule time to work with Curtis on anything specific or request demos for any technique you may want to explore. 

- Kiln space becomes available with every 5 punches. Approximately 1 layer (28" diameter x 6" tall) of kiln space is available for your pieces. If you are turning into a productive potter and require more space within the 5 punches, additional space is available at $.03 / sqr inch. 

- Endless encouragement from the Treehouse team in your ceramic journey!

***This card is replacing our monthly ceramic membership and is good for up to 6 months from purchase date.