• Non-Toxic Hot Girl Summer
  • Non-Toxic Hot Girl Summer

Non-Toxic Hot Girl Summer

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Join us and our sweet friends over at Magnolia and Ash for a Non-Toxic Hot Girl Summer.

Three unique workshops to help you indulge in summer fun while maintaining your holistic wellness. From natural dye crafting to summer skin tips and so much more, think summer camp fun but for grown-ups who like to keep it non-toxic. Each session we will go over different topics and send you home with new wellness practices to put into place, some NTHGS exclusive goodies, and a new ceramic charm unique to each session as a memento of our hot girl summer memories, collect them all!  

SESSION ONE ~ June 20th 6p.m. ~ At Treehouse Mercantile ~ Kicking off the Summer Solstice with exploring the best foods for our digestive system during these hot and humid days of Florida. Learn a few easy recipes and get crafty using natural dyes, to tye-dye your Non-Toxic Hot Girl Summer T-shirt and bandana. 

SESSION TWO ~ July 21st 3p.m. ~ Ringing in the Buck Moon we will spend session two going over summer skin! Ash will be sharing some summertime rituals to keep your skin glowing through the heat, in a non-toxic way of course. We will be mixing up a few cooling mocktails while we paint/design ceramic mugs*. 

 *if you will not be doing session three pick-up of mugs will take 2-3 weeks, if you are also doing session three, we will have your mug there and be using it for that session! 

SESSION THREE ~ August 25th 3p.m. ~ In the last stretch of summer we will be keeping it cool with herbal round-up. We will be going over the best plants to cool the body both in nourishing beverages as well as topical practices. You will be creating a facial misting tonic as well as blending your own herbal tea. WHICH, we will then steep, and you will enjoy in your mug* you made from session two!

*mugs will be available for those who did not do session two

Sign up for all three and save 10% | locations sent after purchase

Hope to see you this summer Hot Girl